Purple Briefcase Is The Best Management Platform For Career Services Professionals.

Did you know that you can run your entire career services office from Purple Briefcase?

That’s because we designed our platform from the ground up to fit the specific needs of the career services professional. We did this because we want to help students connect with the best employers, and start the best possible careers.

We quickly learned that the best way to help students get the great careers they deserve, was to make sure that their support systems, career services professionals, had access to the great tools they deserve. So we created a system that helps career professionals like you stay on top of your office, your students, and your relationships, so you can focus on what matters most – helping students!

For our founders, creating Purple Briefcase was the next logical step in their careers. Having spent a combined total of 26 years in the recruiting and staffing industry, they knew the best way for them to continue connecting the best companies with the best candidates was to look back to the where it all starts: colleges, students, recent graduates, and interns.

Purple Briefcase helps career professionals to help their students, which in turn, gives employers access to top quality new talent.

Purple Briefcase’s vision, and name, came from our President’s first job interview!

At Brian’s first job interview, he walks into a lobby full of candidates for the job. Measuring up his competition, he quickly notices the guy two seats away. The guy is dressed head to toe in purple: a purple suit, a purple shirt, a purple tie, purple socks and purple wing-tip shoes. He chuckles to himself at how ridiculous this guy looks in his attempt to stand out from the pack. One thing was sure in Brian’s mind… Purple Suit would not get the job!

Brian has never forgotten his Purple Suit story and has built on it throughout his career. While the Purple Suit was too much, he knew that there is the right combination of getting noticed and maintaining an appropriate degree of professionalism. Over the next 20 years, Brian honed in on differentiating and preparing candidates for new positions and fresh starts.

Purple Briefcase is the launch of a new journey for students to take as they enter the job market and grow their careers. Get Noticed. Be Prepared. That is the essence of our solution. Our vision is simple – provide tools connected through a social media platform to help your students compete in today’s job market.

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