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Does Purple Briefcase use / own / sell my data? My school’s data?


Purple Briefcase does not own, sell, or use your data in anyway that has not been specified or requested by you, our customer. Your data, and your school’s data belongs to your school ONLY.

Purple Briefcase has never sold customer data to advertisers.

Purple Briefcase does not have plans to sell customer data to advertisers.

Purple Briefcase does not own its customer’s data.

Purple Briefcase does not use customer data, it simply facilitates each individual customer’s access to their own data, in an easy-to-manage format.

If you want to discuss data protection, data security, and how our data policies differ from other products in the marketplace, we encourage you to contact us today.

We don’t like purple, does the system have to be purple?

No, the system doesn’t have to be purple! We can adjust our colors to suit your branding. Our system is branded to the colors and logos you choose. We have many schools that prefer their own colors and the system can be branded to match your school at no extra charge.

We also offer the option to create a custom smartphone APP to match you community (some additional fees may apply for this option).

What is included in the base package?

We have taken the approach that our customers will have access to 100% of our technology, all included in your base package. There may be features and functions that you don’t want to use, and that is fine, but all of our features will be available to you at no extra charge.

Is your app mobile-friendly? Can I download your app from the Apple App Store / Google Play Store?

Our application, which is web-browser-based, is mobile friendly, as that is the expectation / standard of our times. You can use Purple Briefcase on any internet connected device, whether it be a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Purple Briefcase also has true smartphone app technology, that students can download, for free, from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

We strongly believe that having an actual app gives our customers two things: the ability to send push notifications and the ability have an app icon on the home screen of your student’s phone. We call the icon concept “Getting to the Glass.” Think about your own phone, when you are sitting in a waiting room or even sitting on your couch, I am sure you will use some of your apps because they are already there, and easily accessible. Our app technology will put your services in the student’s hands.

How long has Purple Briefcase been in business?

Purple Briefcase was founded a little over 2 years ago with the sole focus to develop the technology to help college students find the best careers.


While this company has been around for 2 years, much of our technology is based on a system that our founders had previously developed over a 13 year career in the recruiting and staffing industry.

Do employers have pay to post jobs within the system?

No. When a University has a relationship with an employer, those employers can post jobs to your school’s system in a free and unlimited manner.


However, we do charge employers for introductions to our network of schools. These introductions ultimately create more employer relationships with our member schools. You are never required to accept the connections to these employers or the jobs from these employers. Also, as a University using our system you are never charged for these introductions.

How much does this system cost? I’m on a limited budget.

We understand the realities of Higher Ed today and the importance of being efficient with your budget.

Our product’s price varies based on the size of your student body. We would be happy to discuss pricing once we learn more about your student population size, custom requirements, use-case needs, required connections, etc.

While our pricing tends to be consistent with the marketplace, we’ve decided to provide all of our features in our base price, unlike most of our competitors. So with Purple Briefcase, you’ll spend less, and get more.

Can Purple Briefcase handle Single Sign On (SSO)?


We’ve developed solutions to meet most of the common SSO solutions.

We have solutions for SAML, CAS, LDAP, and Shibboleth to name a few.

If your school is interested in a Single Sign On Solution please contact our team to discuss the particulars.

Can Purple Briefcase connect with my school’s Student Records System?

Our system has a built in student records synchronization feature that is very flexible and can work with most commercially available and even proprietary student records systems.

We also have provided solutions to schools who require nightly synchronization with student records systems.

Some schools choose to use our synchronization feature (which we highly recommend), and others have opted not to.

Please note that Purple Briefcase does not use or sell student data, and is FERPA compliant.

Can Purple Briefcase interact with other systems we have?


In fact, we have connected a number of 3rd party solutions for customers.

Our philosophy is that we want to make the career development process as customized to your school and the experience for your students very fluid by providing as many of the tools as they need in a single interface.

We have a system already, how long does it take to switch?

It really is very easy to switch systems. We help customers make the switch all the time. The largest time demand is deciding what data you will need in your new system. We can move most if not all of your data from your current system but the question for you to answer is what is important. See what data can I move for more info on this issue.

Can I easily migrate data from my old system into Purple Briefcase?

Yes. In fact, we will help you through the whole process! If you’d like to discuss this is more detail, we recommend that you schedule a demo, or send us a quick email with your questions.

Should I migrate over ALL of my data from my previous system?

Likely the answer is no. In most cases we find that customers benefit from removing older data from their systems. Our team will help assess your important data verse your older info that might be making your system feel out dated. If you want all your data we can help you move it but switching system is a true opportunity to clean up older data and contracts.

Do you have marketing materials to tell my students and employers about Purple Briefcase?

Yes. The Purple Briefcase team has developed great materials that you will have access to help you announce your new system to employers, students, faculty and alumni. Make a move to a system like Purple Briefcase will be a big improvement and something that you will be able to capitalize on the features and freshness of the system. Every group from students to alumni and employers will gain functionality in this move. There is no better time to reconnect with students and employers than when you have something NEW to engage them with.

I have a specific date that my old system goes offline. Can Purple Briefcase be available for me on that day?

We generally will get our system up and running a head of your current system going offline. If you are changing systems our team will offer up to 60 days overlap in systems – FREE.   We know that you can’t budget for two systems at once but that it is important for you to have time to move data, training and market your new system.

What makes your system worth going through the headache of switching?

This is going to sound boastful but it will only take a few minutes for us to show you how simple our system is for administrators and employers to use. But if you have any concerns about engagement… invite a student to our demo. Your students will instantly feel more comfortable and engaged with our Purple Briefcase.

We don’t have a system. I don’t even know where to start. Can you help?

The best place to start is with a demo. We can walk you through how a system like this is not just helpful but it is becoming a standard in Higher Education. Roughly 25% of our new users are beginners when it comes to a system like this. What makes Purple Briefcase special is that we have every feature a power user at a large school needs but we also are simple enough to be managed by a small career office.

Most of our employers wouldn’t use a system like this. They prefer fax / email / call in job postings. In this case, how would Purple Briefcase benefit me?

We’ve heard this many times when we meet with schools that are literally posting jobs on bulletin boards or on their website’s home page. The employers you are working with are posting jobs online every day. Even the smallest employers are using electronic job boards and posting their info. Our system makes it easier for them to work with you, which will result in more jobs for your students. And when all else fails, you can always take the info, and add it in yourself.

We don’t have technical people in our department and our school’s IT team is already overloaded, how would we be able to adopt the Purple Briefcase system?

We provide the technical people so you don’t have to. Our system is 100% cloud hosted. This means that your school doesn’t need servers, we monitor it, provide the customer support, and even customize it to your school. You don’t need anything to get started and we can have you up and running in days not weeks!

We are a very small department. I barely have time to do my job. Why would I want to add Purple Briefcase to my suite of tools and responsibilities?

We hear this all the time. Try to imagine your day without having a calendar program or email… seems impossible. These tools make you so efficient it would be impossible to do your job without them. Our system will feel like that too. Everything you do in career services is harder without our system.

We really have a very personalized environment and we like to have our students come see us in person.

That’s exactly what we want too!


Our system will help your student set in-person meetings, know about your offerings and most importantly feel like they are getting help 24/7. You aren’t open at midnight but in many cases that is when they are thinking about their next step.

Do you have an On Campus Interviewing management feature?

Yes. In fact, we met with a number of customers that were using other systems and we based our functionality on both their must haves and their “wish haves.”   There are a number of features in our OCI Module that is just better than anything you have seen. Also we have some incredible new features that will be added to this in the next few months.

Can my students check in via a kiosk or card swipe system?

Card Swipe is another classic way that Purple Briefcase is taking your experience to the next level. There are some many little nuances that make this application feel better, easier, and most of all more intuitive. Our plug-n-play scanning technology can deal with most any card configuration. Don’t use mag strips… we have many other ways to accomplish student check in in a fluid and straightforward way.  By the way, the card swipe function is part of our base package. You won’t pay extra and we integrate with most scanner on the market.

I need to track students that attend on-campus events, how can Purple Briefcase manage this?

100%. You can greet your students at campus events, career fairs and even in class presentations and track who attended each event. These attendee stats fluidly flow to your reporting package.

Our department would like students to be able to sign up for appointments directly through the platform, can that be done?
We need a way to charge employers for things like career fairs or other sponsored events. Can Purple Briefcase process payments?

Purple Briefcase provides a flexible and easy way for you to charge your employers for events, sponsorships etc. We even offer options to charge students for events such as experiential trips or other events.

You can accept checks, Credit Cards, and much more. And all of our payment processing is completed on a highly secure PCI Compliant network called Stripe.

The process is simple – create a new event, and then select whether or not this will be a paid event. etc etc. c

Can you explain a little bit more about how your student / employer / job profiles work?



We developed our graphic-based profiles as a way for students and employers to be able to learn a little bit about each other, from only a quick glance. Our profiles allow employers and students to showcase some of the values / skills / desires / requirements that they have, using a colorful interface, while still allowing for a deeper / more traditional interactions of job posting and resume viewing.


When we are talking about our profiles, its best for us to show you, so we recommend setting up a quick demo today! We can make the profiles the focus of your demo if you prefer, or we can start with profiles, and proceed to show you the whole platform – its totally your choice.

We find outcome reporting to be particularly difficult, is there anything Purple Briefcase can do to help with this process?

Purple Briefcase has an innovative outcome reporting tool.

On each student profile, there is a button that invites students to report their jobs  internships. They are notified that when they do, they will open up a whole new channel of Purple Briefcase content that is focused on the workplace. Additionally, students are offered whether or not they would like their community to be made aware of their accomplishment – selecting yes gives other students the opportunity to digitally high-five their peers.

Purple Briefcase also has a way for administrators to note which student got which job.

To learn more about student outcome reporting, visit our demo page and schedule a demo today!

Does Purple Briefcase work with consortiums of schools?

Purple Briefcase has worked with consortiums of schools in the past, with great success. We have a number of creative ways to work with your consortiums and we have tremendous flexibility. It is best for us to meet, determine your goals and propose a solution.

What data can I move from my old system?

We can move just about everything from your old system.


We can move student records, student notes, employers, employer notes, current jobs, historic jobs, etc., etc, with no problem at all. Whatever it is that you need moved over, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


The real question is: Do you actually want ALL of your old data imported into your new system?


Imagine that you are moving houses – would you move everything from your basement and closets or would you see it as a nice time to declutter, reorganize, and reprioritize? Databases can easily become cluttered over the years with extraneous and out-of-date data. Our team will work with you and provide free consulting on how to isolate valuable data from non-valuable data to create a new and more streamlined set of data.

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