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Purple Briefcase Has All The Tools Your Students Need

To Prepare For And Find Great Jobs!


Jobs! Internships!

Post jobs / internships for your students to see, give access to employers to post jobs / internships, and independent job search from indeed, all built in!

New Ways To Connect

Our profiles for jobs, employers, students, and career services professionals are fun, engaging, and interactive.

Smartphone App

Career prep and job search for students, available for free in both the Apple App and Google Play stores. All of the features you love about Purple Briefcase, available in app form!


PurpleScore™ is deeply connected to the platform and provides valuable feedback that allows Students and career professionals to track career prep progress.

Hundreds Of Career Prep Videos

Our short-form videos are fun, informative, and easy to understand.

CareerChats™ Forum

Connect with students in an open forum, with answers visible to your entire student user base – creating a permanent career prep database.

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Jobs! Internships! On-campus Recruiting! Mock Interviews!



These are the most important parts right? Purple Briefcase gives students access to jobs, on-campus recruiting activities, internships, and more that have been posted by you and the employers you’ve granted access to. Additionally, students will find the superb job search platform built right into the platform. Students can search jobs, save jobs, and apply to jobs. They can also follow companies and receive notifications when those employers have posted new opportunities into the system.


Students love Purple Briefcase’s job system because its fun, easy to use, interactive, and informative. And everything they need to get prepared and get noticed is all built right into the platform. One platform handles all of their job preparation and job searching activities.

Purple Briefcase gives you brand new ways to connect students with the best employers. Our exciting interactive profiles allow students to view and save jobs, search and follow companies, market themselves to employers, be followed by employers, and receive notifications. Our process is really simple, fun, and engaging – students really love our profiles! We’ve also got a few industry-first innovations tucked in the platform, so be sure to ask us about mini cover letters!

Does your career services management software have a smartphone app for students?



Purple Briefcase does!



We understand today’s student. We know that they spend a lot of time using mobile devices to access connect with the world. So not only did we design the Purple Briefcase platform to look great and work well on any mobile device, but we also built our very own smartphone app. We created this app to help students prepare and search for jobs anywhere, and anytime. The app has all of the great features of the our desktop app and is easily downloaded, for free, from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. If you have more questions about the app, we’d love to walk you through it ourselves, so contact us today!

Want To Learn More About What Purple Briefcase Can Do For Your Students?

PurpleScore™ is Purple Briefcase’s own career preparation progress tracking tool. It allows students and career services professionals to monitor a student’s progression from career prep novice to fully prepared, career-ready graduate. PurpleScore™ can   show you what you have done in the Purple Briefcase system, and show you what else you need to do in order to improve your score and become more career ready. Many schools and institutions have made use of PurpleScore™ for contests and promotions, and we’ve even seen professors integrate PurpleScore™ right into their curricula. If you want to learn more about PurpleScore™ and how it has been deeply integrated into the Purple Briefcase platform, sign up for a demo today!

Purple Briefcase has hundreds and hundreds of custom-made short-form videos on career preparation. We’ve done our best to keep these videos relevant, to-the-point, lighthearted, and informative. Our in-house team has created videos on every possible aspect of the career preparation and job search process, with new content being added all the time. Have an idea for a video? Want to be in a video? Let us know! We are always looking for interesting new career prep content that we can add to the platform.

CareerChats™ is Purple Briefcase’s career-preparation-centric open chat forum. We know that, as a career services professional, you get hundreds and hundreds of questions asked of you either via email, in-person, or otherwise. And we also know that you get asked some of those questions over and over again. So what we’ve done for you, and your students, is to create a central hub of career-related questions that can serve as your archive / database for all of your career related questions. This way, instead of repeating yourself, you are adding to a larger conversation and creating a wealth of knowledge that can be shared across many students, and across many years.

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