Our Data Pledge

Did you know that some career management platforms use and sell your student and alumni data to 3rd parties? It’s right there in their Terms of Service agreements! Purple Briefcase will never sell your data because we believe that your data is your data.
That’s right, some career services management platforms are looking to turn a profit off of your student and alumni data. These profits come at the expense of your students and alumni when their data is sold to 3rd parties. Students have to consent to having their data sold, and this consent is given during the account creation process by clicking to agree to a platform’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Failing to consent would result in a student not being able to use the service.
The truth is, most students don’t ever read or check these policies because they inherently trust any product or service that has been endorsed by their school or university. Protect your data, and choose Purple Briefcase for your career services management needs.
Purple Briefcase believes your data is your data. We focus on providing you, your students, and your trusted employer contacts with the best possible product and highest level of service. We feel successful when our clients are happy, and that means keeping your student data private. We concentrate on what we can do for our clients, and not what our clients’ data can do for us.

Protecting your student data is important to us.

That’s why we created the Purple Briefcase Client Data Pledge.

We pledge to:

  • Never use your data for business or financial gain
  • Only access your data upon your request or to fix a technical issue
  • Help you manage your data
  • Help migrate your data
  • Keep your data safe and secure
  • Never to sell your data to a 3rd party
Our Data Pledge allows you to run your entire career services office with confidence, knowing that your data is safe and secure. Purple Briefcase believes that your data belongs to you and you alone. Does your current career services management platform provider feel that way too?
With Purple Briefcase you can post jobs, manage events, run reports, communicate with students and employers, and so much more, all in a safe, protected, and private environment.

The Purple Briefcase Product Philosophy

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