Our Smartphone App Strategy

If you want to hold your students’ attention, you’ve got to get to the glass of their smartphone screens. Students are constantly on their smartphones. If you want their minds to be on career development and job search, then you’ve got to be on their smartphones too. Purple Briefcase brings your career services office to their smartphone screen, FOR FREE!

Purple Briefcase brings the power of smartphone app technology to your career services department!

Purple Briefcase brings your career services to their smartphones in three different ways:

  1. Purple Briefcase works on all devices, natively. This includes desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  2. Purple Briefcase has an app for iPhones and Android Phones! Its free, and its available to all Purple Briefcase customers.
  3. Purple Briefcase offers a custom app – more on that below… 

Find out what a dedicated career services app can do for your students

Making use of Purple Briefcase’s dedicated career services app means you can connect students to your career services office 24 / 7, and from anywhere in the world. Our standard career services app is FREE and is available for EVERY Purple Briefcase customer.

The FREE APP includes:

  • Your career services office, in their pocket
  • Your job postings
  • Your event listings
  • Built-in Indeed® job search
  • Purple Briefcase’s custom-made career preparation videos
  • The CareerChats™ forum
  • Job / internship reporting
  • And so much more 

Our premium, customizable, branded smartphone app solution can take your career services engagement and interaction even further!

In addition to everything you get with our FREE APP, the CUSTOM APP also includes:
  • Custom branding to match your school’s colors and imagery. The app is branded all the way through starting right from the name and app icon. It is completely customizable.
  • Customizable loyalty and incentive tracking programs. We’ve built these programs for a few different schools and all of them have experienced increases in student engagement.
  • Custom built features. Do you have a specific set of needs that you want to be addressed in a specific smartphone app feature? Ask us about it and we can work together to build your school a custom solution!
  • Manageable and customizable push notifications.These bring your alerts, notifications, and updates right to the front of their smartphone screen. Your messaging, on their screen, in their pocket, wherever they go.
  • Your school’s social media feeds, built into the app. Now you can have all of your career services offerings, right in one place.
  • Ability to view how many students have downloaded the app. This way you can know exactly how much use your app is getting.

If you are interested in learning more about how Purple Briefcase’s custom smartphone apps, you can click below to view a few case studies from other schools!

The Purple Briefcase Product Philosophy

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