Our Customer Service Philosophy

Did you know that ALL of Purple Briefcase’s service and support requests are handled by a real person and not by an automated process? This is because Purple Briefcase believes that real customer service requires real people. Having real people handle tech support keeps us in tune with our customers and their needs.

Purple Briefcase offers multiple means of connecting to the help you need. You can call us, chat online with us, or you can email us. No matter how you choose to connect, Purple Briefcase will provide you with the friendly and timely service that you deserve.

What does Georgia Southern University have to say about about Purple Briefcase and customer service?

  • Our centralized Career Center at Georgia Southern University has been extremely impressed with the quality of product, customization opportunities, and incredible customer service that Purple Briefcase offers. This product has been able to replace several other stand alone technology platforms we were using and is a significant upgrade for us on the content management side of our business. In the past we have used nationally recognized technology providers with little to no customer service capabilities and experienced frustration with those products and support teams. The best thing about Purple Briefcase is the personal service you receive as a client. They ask what our challenges are, especially the ones that are unique to our institution, and design the product to truly meet our needs. Purple Briefcase offers our students, employers, and staff a holistic technology platform that delivers the highest quality services to the individuals we serve. We could not be happier with the product or the team that supports it.

    Philip Bruce, Director of Career Services
    Philip Bruce, Director of Career ServicesGeorgia Southern University

Every single Purple Briefcase customer receives 1st class service and support at no extra charge.

What does that free service and support look like?
Here are a few of our many services offerings:

  • Tech support via email, online chat, and phone.
  • Timely responses, usually in less than an hour of your asking the question, and sometimes instantly.
  • Real people answering your questions – no automation.
  • Free product training.
  • Unlimited product re-training in case you forget, or want a walkthrough of a new feature.
  • A real person handles every request, so nothing gets lost in the machine.

The Purple Briefcase Product Philosophy

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