Our Branding Perspective

Purple Briefcase understands your branding needs! We believe that your brand is more important than our brand. That’s why we work with each of our customers to find branding solutions that work for them. For many schools this means a completely branded solution, from in-platform custom colors all the way through to a 100-percent-custom-branded smartphone app, and others still prefer to use the Purple Briefcase branding. Whatever it is that you decide your school needs, Purple Briefcase will work with you to develop the best branding solution for your school’s career services.

Let us put your brand first!

Custom branding can have big impact, but what exactly can we brand? Well, with Purple Briefcase you can brand the following aspects of the platform:
  • Platform
    • Name – don’t want to call it Purple Briefcase? That’s fine with us! How about YOURSCHOOLWorks or MascotCONNECT or something similar? We can help you do it – just ask.
    • Logo – your logo can replace the Purple Briefcase logo that students see when they are using the platform. We’ve even helped schools develop their own logo for the custom branding that they came up with for their platform name.
    • Colors – trade out the purple for blue and gold, or green and black, or whatever your school’s colors may be.
    • Top center dashboard square – this space is always customized with your school’s or your department’s logo.
    • Landing pages – we’ve created / helped create landing pages and landing page assets for many different schools. If this is a need of yours, let us know and we can help!
    • Custom web banners – we can create custom web banners for use on your school’s website, or we can give you our logos, and you can use them to your heart’s consent, and in whatever color scheme you require.
    • And so much more!
  • Custom Student Smartphone App
    • App name – you can call your school’s app whatever you like. We can even help you with the branding!
    • App icon – we can use your school’s logo, your department’s logo or create a custom logo for your app! Its all up to you.
    • App colors – with every custom app, we always use your school’s colors all throughout the entire App!
    • App splash page – this loading screen page can feature any image, logo, or photo of your choosing.
    • Built-in social media feeds – your feeds, stylized to look like your school’s brand, all built into the app.
    • And more!

The Purple Briefcase Product Philosophy

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