Our technology partnerships help to bring you and your students the best possible career services experience!

At Purple Briefcase we build the vast majority of our product in-house, but from time-to-time we stumble upon companies whose products are just so good that we feel we need to offer their products and services to our customers as well. It is important to us that we work directly with our partners to integrate their products and services directly into our platform so that our customers can access them fluidly using their Purple Briefcase accounts. Most of the time we offer these additional products and services to our customers for free. However some of our products and services also offer upgrades and additional features at an additional cost. To find out more about our partners and their products, and any possible upgrades that they may have to offer, please scroll down below. You can click on our partner’s logos below to explore their individual websites as well.
With Interview4 students are able to build their “elevator pitch,” take practice online video interviews, review them, and then send those interviews out over social media, or directly to their career services department for review. These features come with the Purple Briefcase platform at no extra charge! For an additional cost, Interview4 also has analytics on student use of Interview4, and a much more detailed management system. For more information regarding Interview4, or the enhanced Interview4 package, pease contact us for a demo today.
CareerPath is a unique mobile and web platform that enables career planning teams to more effectively connect with students and monitor their progress. Using a series of milestones, tasks, and events as curriculum, students engage in the career planning process in an organized and manageable way.

The platform includes push notifications through both Android and iOS apps, quick links to important career development resources, and comprehensive data analytics to track student progress and outcomes. CareerPath and Purple Briefcase are complementary platforms and can integrate content and data in a variety of ways. For more information on CareerPath, please contact us for a free demo.

Connect and integrate your additional career development products!

Purple Briefcase enables you to connect your existing career services offerings right into the platform so students can make use of all that your office has to offer, all in one place! If you already have a few products, and would like to see them integrated, just let us know and we will work with you to provide you a seamless experience for your students. We can integrate most 3rd-party products directly into our platform, and in some cases we can even modify our dashboard to make these options more easily available to students. In the past, we’ve connected additional interest profilers, online video interviewing tools, and more.

Interested in Partnering with Purple Briefcase?

Purple Briefcase is looking for the best and brightest new technologies to integrate into our platform. Do you have an great new career services product that you think would be a good fit? Do you have a brand new way of helping students prepare for their job search? We are always on the look out for new ways to provide additional value to our customers. If you have an innovative solution that you think would fit right in with Purple Briefcase’s current features, then please reach out. We’d love show you our product and learn more about yours. We are looking forward to working with you, so please contact us today!

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