Is your school a member of a consortium?

Many schools benefit from belonging to consortiums. Consortiums make life easier for employers that need to post their jobs to more than one school and schools / students benefit because consortiums create larger pools of jobs. However, for a career services professional, consortiums can create a lot of unnecessary and repetitive work. Every time a new job posting comes in to a consortium, career services professionals need to take that job, convert it to a format that works for their specific job platform, enter it in to that platform, and then find a way to share that job with their students. That process is messy and not user-friendly!

Purple Briefcase addresses this issue by giving employers direct access to consortiums. With Purple Briefcase, all an employer has to do is enter their job one time and the job will then be available to all schools within a given consortium. The member schools are then notified of the new job posting, are able to approve that job, and can then easily share that job with their students, all with a few simple clicks of a mouse.

Our simplified consortium solution is just one more way that Purple Briefcase makes life easier for employers, students, and career services professionals alike! Find out more by setting up a demo today!

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