Mentors make the difference!

Having a mentor can be a real game changer for a job seeker at any point in their career. Now you can give students the ability to search for mentors right from their Purple Briefcase accounts! Students are able to search for mentors based on criteria that they select such as their potential mentor’s role, job title, degree, location, or past major.

Our mentorship features are easy-to-use and can be unbelievably beneficial to the success of your students and your department. And just like all Purple Briefcase products, our Mentor tool can generate simple, fast, and information-rich reports that can be easily accessed and downloaded from the administrative side of your platform.

How does the mentor tool work?

Each mentor account on the Purple Briefcase network is a special type of employer account. We find this feature important because in addition to making themselves available for mentoring opportunities, it encourages mentors to post jobs and internships, arrange on-campus interviews, and to search for, hire, and recruit your students.

Once a mentor creates a Purple Briefcase account, they are able to set connection limits within the tool. A mentor can state how many time per month or year they are willing to be contacted by students. The system will automatically gate student connection requests when the connection quota that any one mentor may have set has been met. At any time, the mentor can increase or modify their connection quota to meet their needs and availability.

Mentors must be approved by your office before students are able to connect to them. This means that you retain control of who is and who can be a mentor at your school, ensuring only top-quality employers and alumni are mentoring your students.

The Purple Briefcase Product Philosophy

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