Smart, flexible, and easy-to-use survey solutions for your career services department!

The Purple Briefcase First Destinations Survey is simple to administer, monitor, and report on. An administrative user can select a group of graduates by selecting graduation dates by month and year. The selection criteria allow for the admin user to select both a beginning grad date and ending grad date. Admin users may choose to include both winter and spring graduating classes to be grouped into a single survey window, or they may choose to do them separately – our first destinations survey is flexible to be able to handle the needs of any career services department.

In addition to being easy to use, the Purple Briefcase First Destinations Survey has been carefully crafted to provide you with the data that you need. We developed our questions, possible answers, and decision tree to align with NACE standards. In each section of the survey we ask questions a decision tree to produce follow up questions that are required to achieve the most complete answer that will satisfy your office, and all NACE standards.

Just like all Purple Briefcase products, the First Destinations Survey can generate simple, fast, and information-rich reports that can be easily accessed and downloaded from the administrative side of your platform. Combine all of these features with our responsive and friendly customer service, and you have a data collection tool that can’t be beat!

First Destinations Survey Quick Facts

The Purple Briefcase First Destinations Survey:

  • Is fully integrated into your Purple Briefcase platform!
  • Is backed by our Data Pledge!
  • Has no limitations on the number of times you can send the survey!
  • Has no limitations or additional charges based on the number of survey responses you receive!
  • Is less expensive than other similar options in the market!
  • Contains customizable email notifications!
  • Features 1-click reporting, so you can get the data you need, fast!
  • Is simplified and well-designed so that nothing gets in the way of a student taking the survey!
  • Is customizable!
  • Meets all the NACE Standards!
  • Is smart enough to be able to differentiate between class years and students who have previously provided you with apex survey answers. This means that only the students you select will receive the survey!
  • Comes with Purple Briefcase’s best-in-class customer service!

The Purple Briefcase Product Philosophy

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