An update from PBC operations regarding COVID-19 crisis

As colleges and universities cope with the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 crisis, RNL and Purple Briefcase are dedicated to serving your campus as well as the broader higher education community. We will provide stability and support so that you can both ensure the safety of your students and staff as well as move forward with your career services operations.

Four ways we provide ongoing service and continuity from your RNL team members

RNL actively works to maintain business continuity during any disruptive events, and will do so during the COVID-19 crisis.

  1. We minimize the impact of localized or regional disruptions by having a geographically diverse staff.
  2. We maintain our high levels of service and productivity even if in-person meetings are not possible, using a robust virtual infrastructure to deliver work, hold online meetings, and be available through multiple communication methods.
  3. We protect your access to data through redundant data centers and computer locations.
  4. We ensure that you have experts at your service by continuing access to customer support and making ourselves available to meet with your teams to address unique concerns.

We’re here to help keep your career services goals on track. 

Feel free to connect with the Purple Briefcase team to get answers to specific questions you are facing.   Additionally, we’ve compiled some tools for your reference with suggestions on how to remain engaged with students looking for jobs and internships from home and addressing some of your common questions.

RNL has served higher education for nearly 50 years. In that time, we have helped institutions navigate through natural disasters, economic downturns, and other crises. We will work as hard as ever to make sure you have the support you need during this time.

Please see the links below Purple Briefcase FAQs AND Tips and Tricks.

Purple Briefcase COVID-19 FAQs 

Best Practices for Using Purple Briefcase Remotely



Sumit Nijhawan
President and CEO

Stephanie Soscia
SVP Purple Briefcase

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